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Church. Roch

Photos and description

The Saint-Roch Church is located on a small shady street in the center of Umag. The Church was built by the citizens of Umag as protection from raging for several centuries the plague. The Church is quite small, built of stone in the Gothic style, with a characteristic rosette above the entrance. The Church has a triangular roof and an additional exit on the West side.

Inside are preserved fragments of an altar with three niches, each with a wooden sculpture. In the centre a statue of St. Roch. On the ceiling and walls of the Church are preserved frescoes dedicated to this Saint. Ceiling murals date back to the XVIII century.

According to legend, St. Roch fell ill with the plague and left the city in the forest, the food he has brought his faithful dog. Rocha was able to be healed, and he returned to the city, but people do not know, exhausted by disease Roch and threw him into prison, where he died. He was soon canonized, and the talisman with the image of St. Roch and the dog (sometimes a lion) is considered strong talisman against disease.

Currently the Church houses a small art gallery. Here you can admire the works of local artists and any purchase. Once a year, on the feast of St. Roch, the Church held an outdoor service.