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The city's harbour

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The city harbour of Vrsar is one of its main attractions. Its present appearance is from the 19th century. It was at this time outside the city walls were built many new buildings, which are located along the coast, often right at the water line.

Medieval sources claim that the area around the harbour was called Fabian. There from 12th to 17th centuries were the warehouses owned by porechskoe diocese.

The archaeological area, where you can see remains of Roman villas, which starts at the limski canal and ends near Pula. This is because on the site of modern Vrsar was a Roman settlement Ursaria. A large number of public buildings Dating from the same time, is also around the Bay. On the southern part of Cape Mantracker limiting the harbour of Vrsar, were found the remains of a Roman cemetery.

From the harbour in Vrsar you can clearly see the island of St. George, on which stands the eponymous Church.