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The parish Church of SV. Michael

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The parish Church of St. Michael the Archangel is located in the heart of the old town of Omis. For the first time in historical sources it is mentioned in 1282. It was built several decades before this date, and perhaps centuries. Now about the exact date of its construction can only guess. The next mention of the old Church, which had already become a parish, can be found in the letter of Pope Pius II, dated 9 February 1461. In it the Pontiff orders all the omiš churches to return some seized property.

In 1603 in St Michael's Church had three altars. The main altar was dedicated to the patron Saint of the temple. Two other consecrated in honor of the resurrection of Christ (it was built by the Brotherhood of the Holy Sacrament) and our lady of the rosary. According to some archaeological data, we can conclude that the main facade of the old Church looked out on main street. The existing St. Michael's Church was too small for the developing of omiš, and in 1604 began construction of a larger temple. It was made of stone and had two portals - Central and lateral. In the guise of a new Church, you notice the architectural elements in the styles of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. The arch in the Church decorated in the Gothic manner. On the main facade is placed the coat of arms of omiš with a scepter and cross. Here is a stone Gothic rosette.

St. Michael's Church reaches a length of 23.5 meters and the width is 15 meters. Its height is 7.5 meters. The Church was consecrated by Archbishop Sforza, Ponzoni 17 Jun 1627. The bell tower was built in 1724. In the second half of the last century the Church was closed for restoration, during which he restored the interior of the sacred structure.