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Ruins of an early Christian Church

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The early Christian Church are the ruins of the temple, located very near the Basilica of the virgin Mary in Vrsar. Its unique feature lies in the fact that he kept the mosaic fragments of the IV century that adorned the floor.

This Church is the oldest Christian building in the territory of Istria. According to historical records, the first Christians settled in this region in the period II to III century, most likely, have made their worship in various private buildings. Scientists suggest that the date of construction of this Basilica refers to the IV century, just at the period when the Emperor Constantine proclaimed religious tolerance, extending to the whole territory of the Roman Empire.

The first fragments of the Church in 1935, found by the Italian archaeologist Mario Mirabella Roberti. The building is typical of ancient Christian architecture, so initially it was a simple rectangular structure, which in the VI century were added the apse. The Church floor was decorated with polychrome mosaics, which depicted mostly floral (basket of grapes, wreaths, leaves) and animals (doves, peacocks, fish) motives. The Central part of the floor 73 are interconnected circle.

When the land in the VII century the Slavs invaded, they almost completely destroyed the Basilica. Remaining portion was subsequently converted to the olive plant. Today, the remaining fragments of the building covers the land, therefore they are inaccessible for inspection.