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The Northern defensive tower

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On the Bay of Pescara to the North-East of poreč old town, has remained one of the Venetian fortification of buildings - Northern defensive tower, once connected with the other towers by high walls. The walls were partially destroyed, and three towers, with a height which was convenient to monitor the Bay and land, is separated from split by a deep ditch, survived to our time. They are now a popular tourist objects.

The Northern tower was built in 1474. It was designed for the patrol units, which could, in time to warn the inhabitants of poreč in the event of an attack by Turkish invaders. Now, a stone used for facing of the facade of the North tower, almost completely crumbled, exposing the inner layer of sharp stones of irregular shape. Only in some places you can see smooth stone blocks, tightly adjacent to each other.

Periodically the North tower, the city government closed for reconstruction, attempting somehow to patch up a valuable historical structure. Then close and the passage leading from the Gulf of Pescara in the old part of the city. This is troublesome not so much tourists, how many locals. The work on conservation of architectural monument are conducting a private contractor who has a permit to work with valuable cultural objects, and the Department for protection of historical monuments in Pula.

To climb the North tower impossible. It is available for inspection only from the outside.