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Southern city gates

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City gate, facing South of the Old town, the promenade opposite the island of Ciovo, was part of the fortress walls surrounding the city. Now to the gate adjoins only a small fragment of the fortifications. A large part of the southern walls, built between the two towers of the XII and XIII centuries, was destroyed by Napoleon's soldiers, who believed that if will remove the obstacle of sea winds, you will be able to rid the town of Trogir from the epidemic of malaria.

The South gate was a passage made in the wall. They appeared in 1593. About the time of construction of the gate according to the Latin inscription placed over them. There's also mentioned Prince Dolphin Delfino, allocated funds for the construction of the gate. To our time survived the old wooden door, decorated with elements in Renaissance style and sharp metal spikes built into the Board. It is believed that these doors created the famous master of the brac Trifun Botanica. Door gate framed by two stone columns. It is difficult to determine what color the original was painted that gate. Historians have found remains of blue-grey and brown paint.

The South gate was also called the Port because they are connected with Trogir port. Through them the city received the goods that the merchants brought by sea. Some time near the gate was a customs station.

On the East side of the door to the wall is adjacent to a Small loggia, in the past served for overnight travelers arriving in Trogir after sunset. Doors of the South gate by this time was already closed, knock to them was useless. It remained only to wait until the morning to enter freely into the city.