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Gornja STUBICA - Croatian village, located in the same County. Local attractions include the most popular four.

The first attraction is the Palace of Erotica, which is a castle of one of the noble families of Croatia, built in the Baroque style. The second attraction in Gornja STUBICA is the Church of St. George, which was first mentioned in written sources in 1209. Over the centuries it was rebuilt many times, has not yet acquired the Baroque appearance that we can see nowadays.

The third attraction is the memorial of the peasant uprising and a monument to Gubaru Mathia, built in 1973, located in Park Rudolph Pershina. Fourth is Gubacheva Linden, named in honour of Matija Gubeza, the former leader of a peasant revolt in the mid-16th century. Perhaps the Linden, which are more than four hundred years, was a witness to the events of the time. Natural monument it was declared in 1957, after which the tree was taken under protection.