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Stud of lipizzaners

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Stud of lipizzaners in Đakovo was founded in 1506, making it one of the oldest stud farms in Europe and tells about the long tradition of horse breeding in the region. Lipiczanska horses in Đakovo started to breed in the early 18th century. Today this breed in Croatia are bred only in two places: in Đakovo and in the nearby Iwantmore.

In Đakovo are not only breeding horses and breeding, but also carry out training of equestrian sport. The quality of teaching enables pupils to take prize-winning places at competitions.

Jakoscia lipizaner, speaking at various events, praised the city for the whole world. One of the many senior people, who understand the value of lipizzaners, is Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen was delighted with the appearance of jakowski lipizaner at the opening of the Olympic games. In 1972 Queen Elizabeth II visited the stud farm in Đakovo. In the city the high-ranking guest was riding in a carriage drawn by four jakowski of lipizzaners.

Every year an increasing number of horse lovers and equestrian sport visit Đakovo. Thanks to the numerous events and ideas, and the stud has become a must that you want to visit, going to Đakovo.