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Museum Baltazar of bogisich in the Princely Palace

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Museum of bogisich Balthazar is the Prince's Palace, situated on the promenade of Cavtat. The Museum collection was gathered over several years from 1909 to 1912.

Balthazar, Bogisich - known scholar, lawyer, historian, ethnographer and lawyer. Since 1875 he lived in Paris, but nevertheless was a regular member of the Croatian Academy of science with its Foundation in 1867. Bogisic had several major European awards in the field of science and law and was a member of many scientific societies and academies.

The Museum collection holds more than 35 thousand items. A special place in the collection belongs to the collection of old graphics (8185 images about Croatian and European descent), they date back to the period from the XVI to the XIX centuries. it is Also important to mention the large collection of coins (about 2700 units) and library scientist. The library includes rare editions, so it is included in the list of the most valuable and extensive libraries of Croatia. The entire collection of the library of bogisich contains about 15 thousand items, and 164 manuscripts, 66 incunabula, etc. Serious scientific interest are of a scientific nature, collected by Bogisici also interesting his extensive personal correspondence (more than 10 thousand letters addressed to 1481 people).

In the Princely castle collection stored since 1958. Including here you can see rare items (photos, furniture, dishes, graphics, paintings, manuscripts, books, etc.).