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Natural Park "barbecue and terrace field"

Photos and description

Natural Park “barbecue and terrace field” occupies the left Bank of the Sava river where it empties into the river Lonja. The Park was founded in 1998, total area is 50600 ha. Park Territory consists of small wetlands and lakes; a significant part of the Park territory is occupied by oak groves and meadows.

For about 100 days (in the period when the river Sava overflows) a significant part of the Park is hidden by the water. The resulting swamps are home to a variety of animals and over 250 species of birds. More than 130 species of birds is removed during the summer of birds, among them herons, spoonbills, bittern, as well as various predators, like the white-tailed eagle.

The pride and the symbol of the Park are white storks. Every year these birds flock here, especially a lot of them can be seen in the settlement of Cigoc (about 500 pairs). Storks build their nests directly on the roofs of local houses.

The infrastructure of the Park makes it easy to watch birds, to do this there are plenty of Biking and Hiking trails, and also have the possibility to do horse riding and water. You can go on a fascinating sightseeing tour around the Park, joining the tour group or independently. Whichever option you choose, in addition to new knowledge about the flora and fauna of the area you will be able to enjoy the idyllic scenery.

“Barbecue and terrace field” is the largest Park in the Danube basin and protected by the state.