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The parish Church of SV. Yuri

Photos and description

The parish Church of St. George located in St. George's island in the Old town of Lovran. The bell tower was originally built separately from the Church, but in the seventeenth century they were joined. The temple was built in the XIII century in Romanesque style, then rebuilt in the XV century in Gothic style. In the XVIII century the Church grew - it was added two chapels in the Baroque style.

In 1470 and 1479, the two inner walls were painted with beautiful frescoes in the late Gothic style. Artist Caslavska decorated the ceiling and walls in the upper part with scenes from the life of Jesus Christ, of the blessed virgin Mary and the saints and angels portrayed. And the walls in the lower part of the Church the master was painted on the sample of Istrian Peninsula: scene of the torture of St. George, scenes of Eucharistic themes and the Annunciation.

The side chapels in the Baroque style later was added so that together with the Church nave was a single space. Also in the Church there are carved wooden altars of the XVI and XVII centuries and inscriptions of the seventeenth century.