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All Saints Church

Photos and description

All Saints Church dates from the beginning of the XIII century, later it many times reconstructed. Its present Baroque appearance it received in the eighteenth century. The high bell tower is also in the Baroque style, was built in 1749.

In the Church are preserved frescoes of the ceilings, created around 1713 by the artist, Tripo Kokolja. A series of paintings depicting the old Testament prophets, evangelists, and scenes from Church life. The same artist made the images of the apostles, located in the choirs. In the mid-nineteenth century image of Tripo Kokolja was restored by unskilled artists that have significantly reduced their artistic value.

In the altar you can see the polyptych of St. George's Blaze of Trogir, Dating from the XV century, with the "descent from the cross" in the center. Has also been preserved "Pieta" is the work of Austrian sculpture of Georg Raphael Donner created in the XVIII century. Next to the figure of the Grieving mother of God are images of saints, which in korčula is very revered.

On the railing of the Department preserved the image of St. Paul, the work of an unknown artist from Naples, the work dates from the XVIII century. Two side altars (St. Anthony and St. Joseph) are also decorated with works of unknown artists.

The Church is connected by a covered walkway on the building that houses a fine collection of ancient icons.