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Brod Fortress

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Brod fortress is one of the most important fortresses in the entire history of Northern and Central Croatia. It is located in the centre of the country, a strategically important site in the city of Slavonski Brod. Through this settlement once was the main trade route from Europe to Turkey.

In the XVIII century the Austrian Empire (which then included Croatia) decided to strengthen and reconstruct built on the river Sava Brod fortress. So the fortress was considered to be an important part of the defensive system of Austria.

The total area of the fortress is a 33 ha, once the fortress was reconstructed by the project of Sebastian Vauban. It has a rectangular shape in plan, and protective channels form the star around the main part of the fortress, dividing the structure into three main defensive zones: southern, internal and external.

The southern part of the fortress was called Hornwerk, she guarded from the Turks approach to the borders of the Austrian Empire from the river Sava. The rectangular interior of the fortress consisted of several bastions, which were joined together with a special defense wall. The center of the fortress had the shape of a horseshoe, housed the cavalry of the army and buildings for household needs. The outer zone consisted of a series of bastions that protected the city wall, and prevented penetration of the Turks to the fortress.