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The Church Of The Nativity Of The Virgin Mary

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The Church of the Nativity of the virgin Mary was built on the foundations of the old Church of the XI century in 1336. Throughout its history, the Church was restored and expanded. For the first time in 1582 and later, in 1623, 1834, and in 1932 the Last update of the facade occurred in 1974 and 1993

In 1604 on the facade of the Church were Gothic rosette, and a little later was set the coat of arms lion with a sword, symbol of Venetian rule in Labin. At the end of the XVII century the facade was decorated with a Baroque monument depicting Senator Antonio Bollani, a fighter against Turkish conquerors.

In the Church there are six marble altars, one of which - the altar of the Transfiguration of the XVIII century, are preserved the relics of St. just. They were transferred here in 1664 from Rome. In the main altar, in addition to the shape of the virgin Mary are the statues of the saints yusta, Sergius, Juliana, Thomas and Jacob. The author is a well-known sculptor Schiavone Natal from Dalmatia. No less valuable image of the virgin of the XVII century, the artist Jacopo Negreti, better known as Palma the Younger, is also preserved in one of the altars of the Church.

The right of the Church is the Palace of a noble family, Scapicchio that connects to a small Church aisle. Family Scapicchio donated part of their land for the construction of the Church. That is why Pope urban VIII, they were allowed to build their own passage to the Church.