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Church. Under the sign

Photos and description

Church. Under the sign is located in Zagreb. The architect for this parish Church was Viktor kovačić. A characteristic feature of the architecture of the Church is a reinforced concrete dome with a diameter of approximately 18 meters.

Church. Under the sign was the first of its kind in the region. The idea of construction of the Church was born from Eduardo G. in 1888. However, the tender for performance of works was carried out only in the early 20th century. The competition was won by Viktor kovačić. The project goal was inspired by the early Christian buildings of Ravenna. Church construction began in 1912 and finished in 1915.

The Foundation of the Church is designed in the shape of a Greek cross. The Church is crowned with a large vaulted dome, made of reinforced concrete structures. The dome construction used new technology. In 1932, in the Church. Under the sign was a marble altar. Above the altar rises placed on four columns with capitals of the canopy. Under a canopy on the inner side you can see the fine mosaic, which depicts a dove symbolizing the Holy spirit. In addition to the main altar in the Church there are two side that are dedicated to the virgin Mary and the sacred Heart of Jesus.

The temple is a body that was made famous by the company Heferer in 1911. Prior to placement in the Church, in 1915 he was represented in the exhibition at the Museum of arts and crafts. In 2003 the organ was completely restored.