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St. Stephen's Church located on the town square in Motovun. This Church has a single nave, is an amazing example of architecture of the late Renaissance. The Church began being built in 1614 on the site of the old temple.

The Church building was designed by the famous architect Andrea Palladio. The Catholic parish took possession of parchments Dating to the XI century and a rich collection of vessels for worship. Statues of St. Stephen and the Holy Lavra on the main Church altar is made of Carrara marble by the sculptor-Frances the Venetian Bonazza in 1725. Interesting paintings of the XVIII century decorating the ceiling vaults of the temple, and on the work of G. Calida.

Near the temple is equally famous bell tower-tower, which was erected during the XIII-XIV centuries. On top of the tower is the Gothic crenellated parapet - the mound, designed to protect soldiers from bullets and projectiles for easy shooting, as well as to shelter from observation by the enemy. From the top of the bell tower you can see the unique and spectacular views of the valley.