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Entomological Museum at the Palais Charter

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Entomological Museum at the Palais Charter - one of the attractions of Varazdin, which simply cannot be ignored.

The Palace building itself was built in 1791 in neo-classical style. On a stone portal carved with the family crest of the noble family. Famous Harcery the fact that in the XVIII century started a successful postal business. Because of this family became one of the richest and could afford to buy a noble title.

Today, the Palace holds a unique entomological collection Professor Francisca COGECA, which is a permanent exhibition entitled "the insect World". Adapted and enlarged in the late 1920's, this exhibition is considered one of the best of its kind in Europe. This fact is also acknowledged not only experts, but also interested visitors.

Guests of the exhibition will go through several thematic halls: "In the forest", "forest and meadow", "In the water and on the beach", "Night" and "In the country". In total the collection consists of 4500 pieces. In addition to the prepared items at the exhibition you can see photographs, herbaria, increased several times, certain types of insects and other items from the personal collection of Professor COGECA. In addition, the collection also features unique accessories and tools, developed by Professor for the study of insects.