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Vucedol is a typical Slavonian monument of culture, which relate to the period of late Neolithic (Eneolithic). The monument is situated on the banks of the Drava river five miles downstream (South direction) from Vukovar.

Literally Vucedol means "wolf valley". Found this place Josip Branched, a former Director of the archaeological Museum in Zagreb. In 1897 there was held the first excavations. During excavations in Lucedale found a large number of richly decorated pottery. Most of the finds dated back to 3000-2600 BC One of the characteristic forms of pottery were luchegorskiy form of a dove. Subsequently mucedola dove became a symbol of this place and all luchegorskiy culture in General. This finding relates to the 2800-2500 BCE today it is kept in the archaeological Museum of Zagreb.

Other features of the local pottery is an in-depth contrast (notched) ornament filled pasta in white on a black background product.

Another famous discovery is the ceramic bowl, according to the researchers is the ancient calendar. These findings make the archaeologists due to the fact that the bowl caused four horizontal stripes, divided into 12 fields. In Lucedale was also found copper items such as axes and daggers.

In 2010 in Vukovar opened archaeological Museum Vucedol. Museum visitors can enjoy hundreds of prehistoric exhibits.