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Warehouses and Roman necropolis

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Warehouses and Roman necropolis, the scientists found actual evidence that even in ancient times Vrsar was a powerful city, which was considered not only the priests, but the merchants.

Roman warehouses - one of the most interesting historical sights of Vrsar. It all started with the fact that in 1928 in the town's harbour was discovered the building, which went under the earth for 70 yards. Since it is known that Vrsar in the era of the Roman Empire was not just an ordinary city, but an important trade center, the archaeologists concluded that the finding was the first of Roman warehouses, storing different goods.

As for the necropolis in Vrsar, it was discovered in the North of the city. Traces of Roman burials and elements showing held here funeral rites, are testimony to the fact that the ashes of the deceased were stored in urns which were then buried in the ground.

On the site of the harbour, after the excavation, was found a Roman tomb, which scientists were able to date the II century. On it the inscription in Latin, which, apparently, her husband had left in memory of his wife.

Despite the fact that in the same region were found fragments of late Roman sarcophagi, all found in Vrsar tombs of the II century are kept today in the Museum of Porec.