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Lake Chiche

Photos and description

Lake Chiché is located at the New village of chiche, 4 kilometers South of Velika Gorica. Using gravel helped to create several artificial reservoirs near the lake, the largest of which is the Novo-Chiche area 0.9 sq km and a depth of about 50 meters.

With the advent of the lake the groundwater level decreased, which led to drying of wetlands in this area. Existing at the moment the concession for the exploitation of gravel on the lake Chiche ends in 2015, after which the concessionaire will be forced to restore the shore, as now they are too steep.

For a long time on the South coast of the lake was a large and popular beaches, which were closed in view of their discrepancy to requirements of competent experts.

Due to its geographical position (Chiche is located near such large cities as Zagreb and Velika Gorica), the authorities lay hopes on is still not the end of development the tourism potential of this place. The administration of Velika Gorica plans to build a massive sports complex on the banks of the lake. According to the project, it will be the perfect place for an active holiday on the water: lake Chiché is a great place for swimming and aquatic recreation.

The plan is designed specifically for the southern part of the lake, where will be built a water Park with pools and Wellness facilities. Also, there will be sports courts, archery and, of course, parks and lawns for picnics and relaxing walks.

The Western part of the lake will occupy the sports center for fans of adrenaline: it is planned to build a track for karting and boating. The Northern part of the lake will be designed for a peaceful holiday of fishing and diving. In the Eastern part of the lake for tourists it is planned to build hotels and campsites, as well as several cafes and canteens.