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The chapel of St. Florian is one of the Baroque churches of varaždin. In its place once stood a wooden Church, built in 1669-1672. It was destroyed in 1733. The vacant land immediately laid a new brick vaulted Church, which was stronger and more reliable the previous one. However, its bell tower still was made of wood.

In the 70-ies of the XVIII century chapel of St Florian was reconstructed. In 1773 there was a crypt, the work of the famous architect Jacob Herbert, and in 1775 and a new sacristy. Two years after this, erected a new facade with a tower, and the chapel acquired its present appearance. Chapel of St. Florian, richly decorated with cornices, pilasters and sculptures of saints, is considered one of the most important works of Baroque Church architecture in Croatia. The renovation of the Church was made by architect and Builder John Adam Yet.

The interior of the Church is decorated with stucco and wall paintings. Under the current murals on historical themes you can see the remains of Baroque paintings. You should pay attention to six medallions, discovered by restorers in 2008 on the roof of the chapel. Before that, they were hidden under a layer of frescoes of the XIX century and the two layers of plaster later origin.

One of the most valuable Baroque equipment of the Church are the main altar of St Florian, dated 1740, and Baroque altars, dedicated to Saint Lucia and Saint Apollonia, established in 1740 and 1748, respectively.