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Chapel. Yuri

Photos and description

The chapel of St. George is located near the city, on a hill Terets. The structure dominates the area and looks quite modest - a one-storey building with attached tower.

Located right under the hill road chapel may not be noticed, especially in the summer when the trees that surrounded the chapel, covered with thick greenery.

Inside the Church is preserved a gilded altar, mounted here in 1688. The altar is quite interesting and valuable object of religious art. Also preserved here an ancient picture of St. George painted on canvas.

Its present form the Church was not immediately. The bell tower and is equipped with a sacristy sanctuary appeared here in the XVIII century, after a serious reconstruction. It was not the only large-scale reconstruction of the chapel. Unfortunately, during the Second World war, the chapel was badly damaged. Has destroyed the building and the interior of the temple. Complete upgrade and renovation was delayed and was completed only in 1967.

The chapel is open to parishioners who love her for privacy, and a reminder of the history of the city and parish. On Sundays there is the traditional mass.