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The town of Biograd na Moru is a fairly large resort, located a few dozen kilometers from Zadar. One of its main attractions, is considered City Museum, which exhibits tell about the rich past of the Biograd, which until the XII century was the place of coronation of the Croatian rulers, and its environs. Museum is located in the Central part of Biograd, by the sea, in a two-story building that is an architectural and historical monument. It was built on the ruins of the medieval walls that once surrounded the city in the late XVIII century. It worked for many years Qatar, the district court, established by the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I in 1876.

The exposition of the Museum of Biograd can be divided into several sections: archaeological, ethnographic, historical, artistic. Another section of the Museum dedicated to the finds recovered from the wreck of the XVI century. It was he who causes the greatest interest among the Museum visitors. Here is a collection of more than 10 thousand items recovered from the holds of the sunken Venetian merchant ship. The ship was discovered by local fishermen in 1967.

The archaeological collection of the Museum includes artifacts discovered during excavations of prehistoric settlements and objects of a religious cult of XI-XII centuries. Noteworthy and the Lapidarium - collection of stone tombs and statues.

A gallery on the first floor of the building often hosts temporary exhibitions dedicated to the history of Biograd. Here you can see the instances that are not included in the permanent exhibition of the Museum.