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The Museum of city history

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Museum of the history of the city is, in fact, the regional Museum of Porec. It is the successor of two previous museums: the Archaeological Museum of Istria, which was founded in 1884, the City Museum of art and history, founded in 1926.

Since 1952, the joint funds of the Museum located in the Baroque Palace of the XVII century once owned by the family Sincich. In addition, the Museum oversees several buildings and objects of historic and cultural significance not only in the city of poreč, but also beyond.

The key objective of the Museum is to collect, preserve and study historical, cultural and national heritage of poreč, as well as professional and scientific processing and presentation of exhibits for visitors, based on scientific and technical means of search.

The Museum is committed to an active partnership and collaboration with other museums outside of Porec, trying to establish cultural exchange of information. In addition, regional folk Museum interacts with citizens. It can be called that object that embodies the true spirit of Porec and its environs. If you want to learn the city, feel its atmosphere, it is better to go to the city Museum.