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The Museum of modern art

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The Museum of modern art in Rijeka is a specialized Agency created in order to acquaint citizens and guests of the city with new trends in art. Not surprisingly, all the exposition of the Museum associated with contemporary art and new ways of expression in it.

The Museum was founded after the Second world war at the Gallery of fine art. In 1962, the institution was renamed the Museum of contemporary art, the independent state of Croatia. In 1999, the Museum became the epicenter of artistic life in Rijeka.

The Museum staff systematically collect, restore and make available to the public works of XIX-XX centuries. In addition, there is a lot of work on systematization of materials and theoretical side of the question (the Museum staff has written a large number of scientific works).

In addition to permanent and temporary exhibitions at the Museum, lectures, seminars, and services to provide information for curators, and also published editions on the profile of the Museum.

Today the Museum has over 8000 exhibits, which are divided into 10 collections. Here are paintings, sculptures, photography, video and cinema studies, drawings, prints, posters, etc. In their work, the Museum actively uses modern technology which makes it very popular among the citizens and guests of the city.