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Square. Stephen

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St. Stephan's square - the historic square of Hvar and one of the oldest urban areas in Dalmatia. The area was built on reclaimed swamp (when it was the Bay), by 1780, the area was entirely paved with stone.

In the Eastern part of the square is the main symbol of the city - St. Stephen's Cathedral. Before him in the center of the square is the well, Dating from 1520, it is now closed wrought-iron openwork lattice. On the island of Hvar has always been the lack of drinking water, so the wells are still an example of a special cult, and citizens retain to the main city well-mannered attitude.

The problem with drinking water in Hvar was settled by 1987, when the bottom of the sea was the water supply pipe that runs from the mainland. Prior to this, the inhabitants of the island used for drinking and cooking purified rainwater. Special boats were brought from the mainland the water in tanks and distributed it among the residents of the city to the pier.

In the North of the square is the hotel, this place once housed the Prince's Palace. Today, the Palace remained tower with old clock, and opposite the hotel is the building of city loggia (built in the XVI century). The city loggia was rebuilt after the Turkish RAID in 1571 in the Renaissance style. In the XIX century there appeared the first café. On a column placed in front of the loggia, before the posted decrees.

From the South the area is closed of the Arsenal building. In 1612 on the second floor of the Arsenal was opened one of the first public theatres in Europe. In addition, the area surrounded by buildings, the construction of which dates from the XV-XVI centuries. The most known palaces Paladini and Gektorovicha.

On the square there are several cafés where you can relax and enjoy homemade cakes with fresh coffee.