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The uninhabited islet of Saint George, or Sveti Juraj, as it is called by the Croats, is located in the Adriatic sea near the town of Vrsar. The island serves as a natural protection within the Vrsar port from the sea storms. It has an area of 0.112 sq km Island of St. George was first mentioned in historical documents of the third century. Historians believe that in past centuries the island was a quarry. Stone quarried here was built a monumental monolithic dome of the mausoleum of king Theodoric in Ravenna.

The main attraction of the island is the St. George Church. This simple stone structure, erected on a rock, with two typical early Christian semicircular apse was probably built in the XIV century on the site of an earlier sacred structure. Some architectural details of the temple, for example, the Windows on the South facade, indicate that the new building was built on the model of the old.

Once the temple, like the island itself, belonged to the brotherhood of St. George. In the XIX century the Church began to crumble. In the second half of the XX century it remained only a wall height of 1-3 meters. The restoration of the Church of St. George began in 1996. This was the first project for the restoration of historic buildings, supported by the young mayor of Vrsar F. Matutinum. The repair of the temple lasted 2 years and cost 20 thousand German marks.

According to local historians before the second world war once a year, on April 23, the inhabitants of Vrsar went to St. George's island, where it passed with songs of the island on the perimeter, and then listen to mass in a stone Church.