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The Church of St. Martin was first mentioned in the list of parishes in this area in 1334. Currently, the list is stored in the archives of the Zagreb Archbishopric. Just a list of four parishes, one of them is the parish of St. Martin.

The Church was built in the area previously occupied by the Roman settlement. This is the conclusion reached by scientists who have studied the surroundings of the Church in 1977 and 1978. Here systematic excavations were carried out, which showed that the ancient settlement was located on an area of 2.5 to 3 sq. km.

Found a lot of archaeological material to support this assumption. Namely: the remains of an antique building (the Roman house), ancient walls, a stone pillar, a lot of building materials that testify to the intense activity that was happening here. Also, there have been found Roman coins, oil lamps, ceramic pots, fragments of an altar dedicated to the Roman God Jupiter, and more.

At the time of the Communist regime in the country, the word "Holy" was forbidden, so the old name and, consequently, sanctification, in honor of the Holy Catholic Church was returned only in 1990.