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Church. Michael The Archangel

Photos and description

The parish Church of St. Michael the Archangel was built in Osijek and is the Jesuit Church. It is located in the Western Krizhanich in the Square George.

The building is monumental in size - 42 feet long, 47 meters wide and 25 meters in height, including a high tower. The Church occupies the second place in Osijek spaciousness of the congregation after the Cathedral of STS. Peter and Paul in the Upper town.

The temple was built in the mid 18th century in the Baroque style, as evidenced by the wide façade with rows of Windows on several floors and two towers. This exterior is unusual for Croatian ecclesiastical architecture of that era. Until 1719 the Church was part of the Jesuit convent, after its dissolution it passed to the Franciscans, and then the Church became a parish Church.

The Church is distinguished by the presence of the seven altars. At the entrance to the Church on the right side is an altar dedicated to St. Jan Nepomucene, built in 1764. In the chapel of Saint Otilia from the left side is an altar with the figure of the blessed mother of God, erected in 1768; it is also called White altar. In the center right of the main altar is the altar in honor of the Holy cross with figures of the blessed virgin Mary and St. John the Apostle; also called Black altar. Two small altar located at the sides of the Central. On the left is the altar of St. Teresa of Avila. To the right is the altar of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul.

Chair with canopy is elaborately decorated with gilded scrolls with biblical inscriptions. The decor offers a simple classic shape, which is unusual for lush Baroque architecture.