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The Church Of STS. Peter and Paul

Photos and description

The neo-Gothic Church of saints Peter and Paul is situated in the Upper town - one of the Central districts of Osijek. The majestic parish Church should look for in the square Ante Starcevica among the historic buildings, dates back to the XIX century.

Catholic Church of saints Peter and Paul was also built in the late XIX century. Before the construction of the ensemble of the square Ante Starcevica here for a long time was the city cemetery, which was closed in 1732. In the cemetery stood a small chapel for prayer, which was later rebuilt into a Church. She was small and not too convenient for a large number of parishioners. By 1894, it became clear that the Church will either have to expand or build in its place a new Church. Jakowski Archbishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer initiated the construction of a brand new Church. The Church of red brick was built in just 6 years, and in 1900 was solemnly consecrated.

The walls and arches of the three naves of the Church are decorated with colourful and unique murals on religious themes. The author of the paintings was a talented artist Mirko Crustaceans. He worked on them in the late 30's-early 40-ies of the last century.

The Church of saints Peter and Paul several times suffered from the hostilities. Its slightly damaged shells during the second world war and quite significantly - in the period of the recent conflict in the Balkans. The temple needed to be rebuilt, and it was carried out. At present it has nothing like the shelling and civil war.

The dominant feature of the Church of saints Peter and Paul is the bell tower of 90 meters. It has four powerful bell.