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The City Lopud

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Lopud is a small town, which is located on the North-Western part of the eponymous island. Generally, it is the only settlement of the island, which with an area less than five square kilometers. The town built a beautiful promenade, reminiscent of the aristocratic resort, it stretches from the dock to the place from which anyone has a beautiful view to the Islands of Å¡ipan and Mljet, and houses are surrounded by subtropical greenery.

Now nothing like that in the 15th century Lopud was one of the most advanced centers in the Dubrovnik Republic. The population then was about thousands of people against the current two hundred. Economy has developed rapidly, even had its own fleet of eighty vessels. In the 17th century it liked to rest the aristocracy of Dubrovnik, after such popularity in Lopud there are many mansions, dilapidated over time, but have not lost their greatness.

Today Lopud costs even without traffic. The atmosphere of peace and tranquillity attracts tourists. Tourism is the basis of existence of local residents, in addition, developed the restaurant business, fishing, agriculture and viticulture.

Archaeological finds indicate that the island of Lopud was inhabited by people thousands of years ago. On the island are still remnants of the ancient Roman, Greek, Slavic constructions. Evidence of the turbulent history of this place is the many architectural and historical monuments. Worth a visit the ruins of the Church of St. Elijah, St. Peter's Church, the Franciscan monastery of the 15th century, the Church of St. John, an abandoned Dominican monastery and a small Park - last garden one of the villas, where from the 19th century to grow a variety of exotic plants. In St. Mary's Church you can see works of the masters of Renaissance triptychs Nikola Bozidarevica and Girolamo da Santacroce, paintings by Leandro da Bassano and other works of art are kept in this Church.

In Lopud are not so many hotels, but its proximity to Dubrovnik makes it convenient for day trips.