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City Museum in the Palace Gabardelli

Photos and description

Palace Gabardelli, the construction of which refers to the 15th century, is located in the heart of the historic part of the city, opposite the Bishop's Palace. The Museum presents various exhibitions on the history and culture of the city. There is a section dedicated to the life of the former inhabitants of the castle. There are many home decor items: amphora, old antique furniture, glassware, porcelain, paintings, black and white photography, sculptures of marble and bronze, models of ships and so on.

Historians and Museum curators gathered a lot of information and artifacts relating to the history of the island, the castle and the city. During the tour through the Museum you learn that, according to local legend, the city was founded by Antenor (a Trojan hero) in the 12th century BC. And see photos of all the local attractions from different periods: Gothic St. Mark's Church, Museum of icons, the Bishop's Palace, the house-Museum of the famous traveller Marco Polo, All Saints Church etc.

But the special pride is the exposition of the works of art collected here over the years and also associated with the history of the area. It is a picturesque canvas, sculptures made of different materials, photos, jewelry, etc.