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City Museum of Rovinj

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City Museum of Rovinj is located on the site of a luxurious Palace done in the Baroque style, which for two centuries was the residence of the family of the princes Califf. Dear members of this very rich and very influential family settled in the Croatian town of Rovinj in the period of XVII-XVIII centuries.

Architecture Baroque Palace, perfectly demonstrates the harmonious, sustained, unified style of the period of the Venetian Republic. The building is decorated with Venetian loggia. After the Second World war, this princely residence was transformed into a Museum gallery. Initiated that transformation for local artists.

Today the main Museum of the city of Rovinj offers to see the collection of paintings by famous world artists. The collection includes more than 1,500 works of art. Immediately exhibited and the works of the protagonists of the sphere of contemporary art. In addition to the many paintings in the halls of the Museum gallery you will see many different sculptures, folk costumes and models of ships.

Here visitors will also see the exhibition consisting of objects of the Roman emperors and middle Ages. In the city Museum exhibits and other collections - paintings and sculptures of XV-XIX centuries. Be sure to pay attention to the collection, consisting of a large number of archaeological finds, allowing your own eyes to see life and the historical development of the beautiful town of Rovinj.