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The city Museum of Umag

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The city of Umag town Museum was created in 1970, it was then that the idea of the conservation of the West tower of Umag and turn it into a Museum. In addition, trees and shrubs were planted around the building. The work was completed in 1973.

The Museum has several exhibition halls, ethnographic collection, collection of archaeological finds from the buoy on which it is possible to trace the historical development of the city. Since 1976, the Museum exists as part of the National University, the main institution of education and culture for children and adults.

On the first floor of the Museum houses a collection of stone sculptures and the remaining floors and rooms intended for various cultural events and thematic exhibitions. Since 1996, the collection of sculptures is under the direct charge of the administration of the city of Umag. Existing collections are constantly replenished due to purchases of private archaeological collections. Also in the Museum exhibitions and research conference.

The tower was built at the turn of 13-14 centuries as a fortification to protect the city from invasions from the sea. In the tower three floors, the total build area is 180 sq. m. the Floors are connected by wide stairs, the first floor has a separate entrance. On the third floor of the Museum there is a hall for temporary exhibitions of artistic, historic and archaeological content.

The tower is only one of the departments of the Museum, in addition there are two administrative Department (library and archive of documents), as well as a restoration workshop.