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The ELTZ Palace in the Croatian city of Vukovar is located on the banks of the Danube. The building was built in the Baroque style. The Palace is one of the most important works of Baroque-classicist architecture in continental Croatia. Since 1968 the Palace ELTZ, you'll Vukovarsko City Museum.

In 1736, Philip Charles of ELTZ, a member of the noble German family, the Archbishop of Mainz bought the estate of Vukovar in the Eastern part of the Kingdom of Slavonia, which were at that time part of the Habsburg monarchy, which was ruled by the Emperor Charles VI. The construction of the castle was begun in 1749 and continued until 1751 his family from this family - Anselm Casimir Alicem. The original was built only the Central part, and later the castle was enlarged. The first major extension was made in 1781. His final appearance of the Palace ELTZ acquired only in the early 20th century under the leadership of the Vienna architect Sideca.

25 August 1991 during the invasion of Serbian and Yugoslav troops on the territory of Croatia, the ELTZ Palace was the first building subjected to bombing from the air. By the end of the war the Palace was completely destroyed and burned. Razed to the ground the building was restored from 2008 to October 2011 with funding from the government of Croatia and the development Bank of the Council of Europe.