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Museum Glyptothek HAZU

Photos and description

If street Opaticka down the stairs to the tkalčićeva street, a few dozen meters, you can see the Zagreb Museum. The cornerstone of the collection consists of replicas of famous Croatian statues made of gypsum. Sounds boring, but to visit the Museum worth at least that to take in the unique atmosphere of this place. After all, the Museum occupies a former factory building, built of red brick. The Glyptothek was founded in 1937 by Dr. Anton Bayer. His goal was the creation of plaster casts from the antique statues in the territory of Croatia and neighbouring countries, and sculptures created much later (in IX-XV centuries) have Croatian craftsmen. These replicas of medieval monuments, in the opinion of the founder of the Glyptothek, should be publicly available.

Among the Museum's treasures, it is worth noting the extensive collection of copies of headstones installed in cemeteries of Bosnia and Herzegovina. These ancient stones and floral designs, genre scenes or images of the sun, created by unknown craftsmen.

In several halls of the Museum you can find a good selection of works by Croatian sculptors. Here is how the copy works and the originals of the famous carvers of antoun Augustincica, Ivan Meštrović and many others.

In addition to the main exhibition, there are often temporary exhibitions on photography, design, art. To visit them are not just visiting connoisseurs, but also local residents. Each such exhibit, which is long and hard, is a real event in the cultural life of the city!