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City Hall Of Varaždin

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Town hall in the city of varaždin is located directly in the historical centre. This stone building gave the residents of the city Juraj Brandenburg in December 1523. From the moment the building has become a real center where the local authority and carried out almost all the major city events.

In those days the space inside the town hall was realized in the Gothic style. This is indicated by the remains of a Gothic portal, preserved in some parts of the facade. The main tower today is decorated with a clock. In 1587 the town hall undergoes reconstruction, headed by a municipal judge Juraj Fleischmann. For later alteration of the building came from Giovanni da Como. In subsequent years, the hall was restored several times, the latest changes to the external appearance of this structure were made in the second half of the XVIII century.

Currently, the building is located on Freedom square. Near the town hall has preserved a few houses that once belonged to artisans, merchants and other citizens of varaždin.