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St. Peter's Cathedral

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The Palace of St. Peter is located in the town of Đakovo, which is called the "heart of Slavonia". And the Cathedral of St. Peter can be to some extent, be called heart to heart.

Rakovskovo history of the Cathedral goes back to the 13th century, when in 1239 in its place was built the first Episcopal Palace. This is the first building was destroyed during the 150-year stay of the Turks in Croatia (1537-1687). After the expulsion of the Turks in the early 18th century began at the old place to build a new very humble Episcopal Palace and the Cathedral. In the work of their construction was attended by many bishops, has even created a "Fund for the construction of a new Cathedral."

The construction of the Cathedral at this place lasted very long. In 1866 the erection of the Cathedral was attracted by the famous Viennese architect Carl Rossner. By agreement, he had to finish the Cathedral for five years, but again stalled for 16 years, and in 1882, the architect died.

For the decoration of the Cathedral were involved who lived in Rome a German artist Seitz. We had 36 frescoes, but in the end made was 43 murals with biblical motifs: scenes from the life of Jesus and the Apostle Peter. The Cathedral was consecrated in the presence of many guests from Croatia and from all over Europe in 1882.