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The Church Of STS. Fabian and Sebastian

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The Church of Saints Fabian and Sebastian is one of the most famous Catholic churches in the city of Rijeka. It is located in the Old town district.

Preserved mention of that kind of Church on this place was built already in 1291, as the vow of residents at the time of the plague. In those days, the area of the Old city was surrounded by towers and ramparts, and the houses were built close to each other on the narrow streets.

Rijeka was represented by a typical medieval town, built on the ruins of Castrum fortress left over from the Romans. The Church is mentioned in documents of the XV century, they are talking about the "Contrada" and it is located in the Church of St. Sebastian. Above the entrance to the Church bears a memorial inscription which testifies that the Church was built by John Gastaldi in 1562 to the glory of St. Sebastian.

Throughout its existence, the Church underwent constant attacks from the citizens. It even planned to demolish it because the building was prevented from holding processions and traditional festivities.

The last time St. Sebastian's Church was restored in 1885 under the direction of architect G. Paulinia. At the same time, in the ruins behind the Church, was found the ancient wall of the IV century. Was restored the facade of the building, a place for the Church choir. It was at this time the Church received its current appearance. In 1986, the Church was repainted.