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Chapel of Saint Roch in the Croatian city of Vukovar is located on Zupanijski the street, which is the main street of the city. The chapel was built on the donations of antoun Pohre de Rosenthal, in gratitude for deliverance from the plague and as an auxiliary Church for the German settlers in this part of town. It was consecrated in honor of St. Roch, St. Sebastian, and St. Rosalia. Catholics believe St. Roch protector from the plague.

According to legend, St. Roch was the son of the Governor of Montpellier, noted at birth in the breast a sign having the form of the red cross. After his parents died, he at the age of 20 years went on a pilgrimage to Rome, pre-giving away possessions to the needy. In Italy in this time of rampant plague. SV. Roch traveled the country and healed the sick through prayer and the sign of the cross. The Saint himself had contracted the plague and was saved from starvation by a dog who brought exiled from the city to St. Roch in a forest hut bread. Soon the Saint was healed.

The original chapel building was built in the Baroque style. In 1805 was added to the side of the oratory and the sacristy, and the picturesque bell tower was covered with tiles. Subsequent reconstruction was done in 1858 and 1904, and after the Second world war. After the war, sponsor of the reconstruction was made by Å ibensko-Kninska County. Since 1998, upgrades of the chapel of St. Roch, the end date of recovery was postponed several times.