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City Museum of Karlovac

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City Museum of Karlovac was opened on 18 December 1904 as the center of history and antiquities.

Initially, the Museum was temporarily housed in the building of the magistrate and the city Council. The initial Fund of the Museum was made up of gifts and donations. In the period between the world wars, the Museum was active. After the Second world war the Museum has been updated, and in 1945 was created the gallery with him. In 1952, under the leadership of John Vrbanica Museum started its activities. A year Karlovci, the Museum received a place in a Palace built in the Baroque style, on the Strossmayer square, where is located today. This is an important cultural centre of Karlovac and the region as a whole.

Museum exhibits are divided into five collections: archaeological, historical, cultural-historical, ethnological and art gallery. The Museum's assets include more than 18 thousand exhibits. In our days the work on digitization of photographs from the history Department to create a multimedia exhibition.

City Museum of Karlovac supports exhibitions and publications professional publications and provides information services and technical assistance in the sphere of Museum activities.