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The Museum Of Samobor

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The Museum of Samobor is located in the castle Livadic, located on a plot of land that once belonged to the genus of the Kraljic. The first mention of the castle dates back to 1764.

In 1809, the castle passed by inheritance to the Ferdi Wiesner-Livadic. By 1897 Livadic Ferdi and his sons were forced to sell the castle because of debts. The new owner was Jan Francisco, he began rebuilding the castle. When it was made the reconstruction of the roads, corridors, floors, updated fixtures and restored murals. Also Francisco has restored a neglected Park, planted trees, and on the facade of the castle is placed the coat of arms of his family. In the period before the Second world war the owners of the castle changed several times. During the war, the castle was the headquarters of the Yugoslav army.

In 1948 the castle was a Museum, he took two rooms on the ground floor. After a year of exposition of the Museum had occupied the entire first floor. Currently, the first floor of the Museum is the Department of archaeology and Ethnography. Archaeological exhibition and the hall in which it is located, has been restored and enhanced in 1996. Engaged in the reconstruction of the famous architect Zeljko Kovacic.

In 2008, on the first floor of the Museum because of the strong humidity began to collapse the walls and some of the exhibits also suffered, therefore, was made major repairs in the castle. After this archaeological Museum's collection was replenished with new exhibits obtained in the course of excavations conducted from 2001 to 2005.

One of the rooms of the Museum dedicated to holding temporary exhibitions. Here are exhibited the works of young artists, also hosts a variety of seminars and other events related to art.