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The Croatian railway Museum

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Croatian railway Museum is a specialized technical Museum. It contains a large collection of railway vehicles. The Museum often abbreviated HZM.

The early history of the railway Museum can be considered as 1966, when the Zagreb administration has taken a decision on the establishment of railway Department in the Technical Museum. However, due to lack of space and qualified specialists but this idea was not realized. In March 1986, was made a second attempt to create a railway Museum. Railway Museum in Croatia was opened in Zagreb only in 1991-m to year "Croatian Railways". May 20, 2001, the Museum received its current name.

In 2004 began work as a permanent exhibition. The area of the permanent exhibition of the Croatian railway Museum is approximately 2,400 square meters. The collection consists of 12 locomotives, 6 railcars, specialized snow removal equipment, hand trolley, steam locomotives, one electric locomotive, two diesel hydraulic shunting locomotives, two diesel-electric and one diesel.

In addition to the main exhibition area, exhibits are located at various Croatian railway stations.