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The Croatian historical Museum

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Croatian history Museum is located in the country's capital, Zagreb. Historical Museum is located in a building built in the 18th century in the Baroque style. Previously, this building was the Palace of Volkovicha-Orsica. To date, about the past of the structure resembles a dance hall.

In 1960, the building had housed the first exposure, and it acquired the status of a Museum. In 31 years, several historical collections were merged, with the result that in 1991 the Museum became the owner of the status of the Croatian historical Museum. Now he is considered the main Museum of Croatia.

Today the Museum contains a large number of collections, consisting of thousands of all kinds of exhibits, which tell about the historical development of the Croatian state, since the events that took place there in the medieval era, to modern. Each of the Museum's exhibits - a piece of cultural heritage of the state.

17 collections of the historical Museum of Croatia include more than 200 thousand different items. The collection of the Museum devoted to archeology, documents, maps, works of applied art, numismatics, photographs and films, coats of arms and flags, paintings, engravings and sculptures and objects of everyday life.

In addition to exhibits the Museum is the library. Thanks to the cooperation of libraries and book publishers in the Museum, released 40 catalogues depicting thematic exhibitions.