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Church. Virgin Of Carmel

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On the hill Okit height of 135 meters near the town of Vodice by local residents in the period between 1590 and 1660 the years, built a Church in honor of our lady of mount Carmel. In 1909, forty of the inhabitants of Vodice, who moved here from Australia at his own expense has built 14 stations of the Cross path, which are located on the path leading from the foot of the hill to the top.

Church of our lady of Carmel was repeatedly reconstructed. In 1942, the bomb produced by Italian aircraft, completely destroyed the temple. After world war II, the Communist authorities allowed to rebuild the Church. Permission to rebuild the temple of our lady of mount Carmel was obtained only in 1967. A new Church was built in just two months. However, she stood for long. Perhaps, few can be found on the territory of Croatia of sacred buildings, which was twice destroyed over the past century.

During the recent war, in the autumn of 1991, the Church of our lady of mount Carmel destroyed the enemy formation. They paved the way to the top of the hill. It was unpaved, bumpy, but that didn't stop the locals after the war to take advantage of it to trucks to deliver to the hill Okit construction materials necessary for the rebuilding of the temple. Immediately began preparations for the construction of the new sanctuary of the virgin Mary. The design of the Church was designed by Zadar architect Nicholas Basic. May 3, 1995, consecrated the first stone laid in the Foundation. With the financial support of local residents had erected an imposing stone building, painted white. This Church is still not completed.