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Street Zagrebacka - one of the two main urban arteries of the city of Sibenik. It located two historical churches: the Church of the assumption and St. John's Church. The Church of St. John is a Gothic-Renaissance structure, erected in the XV century. Then it was called the Church of the Holy Trinity. Its current dedication of the temple was in the XVII century, when it was demolished the Church of St. John, standing on the hill.

The most remarkable architectural detail of this Church is a stone staircase adjacent to the southern wall of the building. It is possible to climb to the door, located on the second level of the temple. This is a nice building with a balustrade according to historians, designed and built by famous local architect Ivan Pribicevic.

The space above the door at the foot of the stairs is decorated with a small relief depicting the patron of the Church St. John. This item was made in the XV century.

At the bottom of the bell tower can be seen a Renaissance window, the work of the renowned master Nikola Firentinac, who also participated in the construction of the Cathedral of St. Jacob in Sibenik. Above this window is placed a relief with the image of a lamb and a winged angel beneath him.

Over double Gothic window on the four-storey bell tower is a large dial that has only one arrow. This watch, created in 1648, was brought here from Turkey in the XVIII century. The dome of the bell tower was removed in 1862 after a strong earthquake. The bell tower has a flat roof, above which rises the flag.