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Mirkovci is a small village in the South-East of the city of Vinkovci, which, in fact, is its suburb. The first mention of the settlement belong to 1475.

In 1734 there are already 60 houses. In 1791 the village consisted of 107 houses in which lived a total of 791 people. In the beginning of XIX century part of the population moved to Bosnia or Serbia, so by 1810 there is only 738 people.

After the devastating Second world war the area occupied by the Serbs, what was the cause of population increase in the village population had risen almost to a thousand. According to the post-war census, the number of people only increased. Thus, according to 1981 in Mascoutah lived 2940 residents, 2600 of whom are Serbs.

During the war for independence of Croatia in the village of Mirkovci based various Serbian paramilitary forces, and the proximity of a large city Vinkovci allow the military to quickly plan a military campaign on the territory between the village and the city. Thus, village residents often had to live under the shelling. In 1998, after reintegration of a considerable part of the population of the village Mirkovci began to sell their homes and move to Serbia and other neighboring countries.

Of the attractions worth noting are the Church of St. Nicholas, which belongs to the Serbian Orthodox diocese of Eastern part of Croatia.