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Museum of Slavonia was established in 1877. Thanks to the variety and richness of the materials, the Museum for several decades has maintained the status of the main national Museum of Croatia. In the Museum's collection was about 400 thousand objects grouped in 100 collections.

Today the Museum has nine sections: archaeology, natural history, numismatics, history, decorative arts, Ethnography, technical Department, workshops and administrative office Department. In the Museum are constantly held various cultural events, the collection is constantly updated, organized exhibitions, conducted scientific work, publishing activities, etc.

The Museum collects and preserves materials related to the cultural and historical heritage of Osijek and Slavonia and Baranja. In addition, the Museum operates as a cultural institution in Osijek. Thanks to the activities of the Museum of cultural and national heritage of Osijek known outside Croatia.

Since 1946 the Museum is located in the Old town Hall. Here are items from Roman, Illyrian and Greek culture. One of the most extensive departments devoted to the town of Moores, here are exhibited statues, coins, architectural fragments, etc.

The most popular among the visitors of the Museum the exhibition consists of objects of decorative art and various crafts. In Osijek is still a common craft for the production of silk cloth. These fabrics are from ancient times were used to produce national costumes, samples of which are also exhibited in the Museum.