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The remains of the Basilica of St. John

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Basilica. John is part of the monastery complex of St. John the theologian, which is located in Biograd. Former Benedictine monastery today is a ruin. However, it was one of the most interesting architectural structures reminiscent of the past of Biograd.

The monastery complex was built around 1060, during the reign of the king of Croatia Peter Kresimir IV. It is worth noting that the flourishing of the power of the Kingdom came during this period. Built the monastery of St. St. John the Evangelist was entirely on the king. In 1076, the year was a fortified monastery roof that made the whole building much higher than before.

The monastery with the Basilica was destroyed by the Venetians, trying to gain Biograd in 1125. After this the monks moved to the island of Pasman, where he founded a monastery, but STS. Cosmas and Damian.

Over time from the Basilica. John in Biograd was only a Foundation, but even in its contours it can be concluded that the structure was once a three-aisled Basilica. The ruins were discovered by archaeologists in the city centre.

Of particular importance in the history of the monastery and the Basilica plays preserved cartulary, that is, collections of documents, which prove that monastic lands in the territory of Biograd and Donsky was rated legally in the year 1060 and in 1396, respectively. In articulare preserved as bookmarks, and in the fields were seen recording in Glagolitic.