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The Cathedral Of St. Teresa Of Avila

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Cathedral of St. Teresa of Avila is a famous Catholic Church, located in the Croatian town of Pozega. Not only is the Cathedral pozerski the diocese, but a real monument of architecture as an excellent example of the Baroque style.

The Cathedral is located right at the foot of the hill, where once was located the city's fortress. Unfortunately, it has not survived to our days.

The construction of the temple was financed by the Zagreb Bishop - he donated 80 thousand forints that were originally planned to be spent on repairs of the fortress Pozega. By the way, the fortress at that time belonged to the Bishop.

The project was approved by the Empress Maria Theresa on 11 July 1754, and the construction was started only two years later, on 28 June 1756. The Cathedral was built over seven years, so that 24 Jul 1763 the Bishop consecrated the new Church. It should be noted that no information about who built the Cathedral, was found. Remained only the documents testifying that all the projects were signed by Empress Maria Theresa in person.

The original bell tower of the Cathedral located in the centre of the main façade, has suffered from a storm in 1926, but later it was restored. The height of the new bell tower now reaches 63 meters. But that's not all the changes that has undergone the external appearance of the Cathedral. In 1898-1899 years were completely redone the interior of the Church: for example, the walls, it was decided to decorate with frescoes. Implementation of all these picturesque ideas took place under the leadership of Celestine Medovich and Otho of Ivekovica two hard-working Croatian artists.

The status of the Cathedral Church received in July 1997, when it was again formed diocese of the city of Pozega.